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Is being a firefighter a good job?

I don't know what i should be. I'm thinking of being a firefighter because it sounds exciting and dangerous. Could anyone name good and bad things about being a firefighter, so I know if this would be a good career for me.

Posted by Shadow

I always wonder why people who are not firefighters answer these questions. 68 Percent of the population of the United States is protected by paid firefighters. The volunteers protect the rest. The cities are much too busy and the fires too fast moving to have volunteers coming from home fighting these fires.

Best job in the world
Good pay in unionized locations, decent pay when not unionized
Respected by Community
Good Pension and Benefits package
You'll want to go to work, firefighters are brothers and act like it.
Helping people in emergencies is very rewarding
Accomplishing difficult tasks in dangerous conditions very exciting

Not real good for family relationships-working nights, weekends and holidays, lots of divorces
Some long term health problems, knee injuries, back injuries, heart attacks, cancer.

How often do firefighters obtain injuries while on the job?

Is it a common occurrence? How about death? Do structural collapses happen often? What is a firefighter's general outcome when he or she goes to large building/house fire?

Just curious.

Posted by Dorothy. :)

On average there are about 100-125 firefighters killed every year. The number one killer is heart attacks. The next big killer is injuries due to traffic collisions. There are still many deaths related to injuries that occur at fire scenes and Car accidents that the fire fighters responded to. To put things into perspective. I have been a fire fighter for almost 20 years in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I have been injured multiple times but nothing too bad. I Have had 3 friends die due to structural collapse and one die due to a traffic accident. Below are 2 links you may find interesting. The first is from the fire where my friends died.



What is it about Firefighters that turns a girl weak at the knees? *Swoon*!?

I'm lucky! I have one! A damn sexy one too! Mmmmmmmm!

Posted by firefightersbabe

I too like many have a thing for firefighters. In part because I always wanted to be one and now I have neck injuries so I can't…boohoo! But mostly I think, perhaps ( my opinion/observations) it's because overall men are not selfless beings in the world. They can and have done a lot of damage to humanity for various reasons. SO many of them spend most of their time running around either conquering, profiting, lying, taking from or destroying humanity. I think firefighters are idealized because there is this notion and sometimes it's actually true, that here is a truly selfless human being…a brave, generous man willing to put himself in danger to help another. There's a chance that perhaps there's some greater than normal depth and heart in there even though there is also the buff, hammered and often masculine physique to go with it. Like the stereotype that strong men can't be sensitive etc…
That goes wayy beyond what most of us see in the average man. Cops, doctor's and military albeit to some are attractive, are not as attracive as firefighters are to many women. There's something so sexy about a manly man, strong and masculine and yet giving and not thinking selfishly of only himself.
(ever notice that many of them aren't even that cute or in shape but somehow in that uniform, representing that trade…they become so to many).
I've informally asked and chatted about this to many women who feel the same. Just some observations from working where a ton of firefighters came in every day to get lunch…all the women would suddenly become very aware of them. Men too!

Wife of injured firefighter: 'It's amazing how many people …

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